Learn how to fully and efficiently declutter every single space of your home with my step-by-step guidance, all in the margins of your busy mom schedule!

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"If you are serious about decluttering, this program is a must! You won't find this kind of guidance, attention, accountability, and encouragement anywhere else. Imagine how you want your home and family life to feel... Diana can help you achieve that goal! And to me, that is worth the financial investment!"

Anna B.

Having a fully decluttered home with implemented habits, systems & routines is the fastest & simplest way to have a clean, organized, calm & peaceful home.

  •  Learn EVERYTHING you need to know about decluttering, without adding the excess that bogs your progress down.

  • Take the overwhelm out of where to begin with my room checklist, and don't stress about HOW to declutter efficiently because I provide step-by-step guidance.

  • Fit it into your already crazy busy schedule with my time-blocking advice for small chunks at a time.

  • Turn your home into a peaceful haven for you and your family, instead of a messy burden of chaos!

What You Are Getting Inside "Minimal-ish Starts Here":

Module #1 - Before We Begin:

  •  Welcome to the course
  •  Setting Yourself Up To Succeed Part 1
  •  Setting Yourself Up To Succeed Part 2
  •  Supplies & Method Video

Module #2 - Decluttering Obstacles & Roadblocks:

  • "I'm too busy & don't have time to do this" Video
  • "It's too hard to declutter with kids at home" Video
  • "My family members are resistant to this whole thing" Video
  • "I'm too attached to my things" Video
  • "What if I need it later?" Video
  • "It feels so wasteful to get rid of all of this" Video
  • "I just don't know where to start. I'm overwhelmed" Video

Module #3 - Let's Start Purging!:

  • Bathrooms
  • Linen Closet
  • Living/Family Room
  • Coat Closet
  • Laundry
  • Bedrooms
  • Office/Guest Room
  • Play Room/Toys
  • Bedroom Closets/Clothes
  • Kitchen
  • Paperwork
  • Basement
  • Garage
  • BONUS LESSON: Creating & Implementing A Command Center

Getting Started Is Simple & Fun With My Step-By-Step Roadmap...

You know this is something you need, but you may be thinking...

Decluttering CAN be time consuming. That's why I've created a system specifically for busy moms that teaches you how to do it in the margins of your busy schedule - as little as 5-10 minute chunks. This is exactly what Courtney B. thought going into working with me. She is a busy mom of FOUR under FOUR (yes, you read that right) - and she was was able to get it all done using my system. You can read more about her below!

It can be very overwhelming when facing an entire home full of clutter, and it can feel nearly impossible to figure out where to begin or how to do this efficiently and effectively. That's why I have step-by-step guides for every single room in the home and I will tell you exactly where to begin (and even where to go next)! The unique format of Minimal-ish Starts Here allows you to efficiently move through the home at your own pace with the encouragement of the women going through the program with you.

I get it. I'm a frugal person to begin with, and then when you add in taking care of expenses for everyone in your family - it feels weird to spend money on something YOU want to do for yourself. That is exactly why i've made this program affordable with no hidden costs. In fact, I've had members tell me they would have paid 10x for it because it changed their life. What if you invested in yourself for once? You will benefit, but so will your family when your home is finally calm, peaceful and clean - allowing your family to spend more time together. 

It's a good thing you think this, because decluttering your ENTIRE home can be a lot of work, and it's a valid concern to feel unmotivated at some point to finish, but that's exactly why you  need Minimal-ish Starts Here - as the program & the women inside will help to keep you motivated as you go! Doing this on your own will only lead to more frustration, burn out, and loss of motivation. Laura J. was concerned about lack of motivation and found the community in the Members-Only group pushed her whenever she began to slow down. "I would have quit if I was tackling this on my own, but the girls in that group and the structure of the program itself kept me going"!

You and 99% of the population! This is SO common. We live in a consume, consume, consume society and rarely do we purge, and when we do it's typically in an inefficient manner because we have never learned any different. This is exactly why I devote an entire module of this program to HOW to overcome the 7 most common obstacles with decluttering. This module is done in video form, so you can listen WHILE you declutter or even while pushing the stroller around the neighborhood. (I'm tellin' ya - this is seriously built for busy moms!) Not being able to do the inner work and overcome these obstacles is the MAIN reason people give up when attempting to declutter on their own. Victoria H. had an incredibly hard time letting things go when she began Minimal-ish Starts Here. Her house had accumulated so much clutter that she didn't even like coming home from work. She did the work in the overcoming obstacles module, and has ruthlessly decluttered to the point she loves coming home from work. Read more about her below!

It can feel frustrating when you want to make a change in your life and your home and your partner isn't on board. I 100% understand because my husband was not on board on first at all. That's why I teach you how to handle this situation in the program so that you can still make progress WITHOUT losing their trust. (Don't ever listen to an expert who tells you to declutter your spouses items when they aren't home, PLEASE!) My husband now completely understands and embraces this lifestyle after we have worked through this together, and I will teach you how to do the same!

"I’ve gotten really into minimalism and decluttering, like, really into it – and Diana is why. I was more than a little skeptical when I heard what she was doing in her home, but I finally decided to give her ideas a try and it CHANGED MY LIFE. Minimalism has freed my home, lightened my load and given me back precious time with my kids. If you feel like you are being swallowed up by clutter, or constantly picking up only to have messes instantly pile up again, this is a REAL solution."

Katie B.

"I'm a mom of four kids under four - life is busy to say the least. When I actually took the time to look at how our days were, I realized I spent so much of my time just keeping up. After implementing Diana's techniques, not only has my house never been more efficient and clean, I feel as though my mind is cleared of the clutter as well. "

Courtney B.

"Our house is so much better since I started Minimal-ish Starts Here. We recently had a sitter and it was so easy to tidy up and make the house look presentable. My husband has made comments about how much better our house looks. Our home definitely feels cozier, happier, and less overwhelming already thanks to Diana's program and advice."

Johonna H.

" I was amazed at how much we were holding on to and Diana's course helped me see our "things" in new ways. This program, in its step by step sessions, helped us get rid of what we didn't really need. Now that we've been through the program, we created so much more space in our home. Even though we were ruthless in our discarding, I did not depart with anything that I really loved and wanted to keep. I felt joy in donating many items, gifting my friends with toys for their kids, and filling up that trash can! During our project, our neighbors were convinced that we were moving after seeing all these donation boxes piling up and trash bags going out to the curb! But we are here to stay, and in a home that is a much happier place to be."

Jenn G.

"Diana’s take on minimalist living is more about getting rid of the stuff that gets in the way of just enjoying motherhood. She is motivating even if your steps are small. I have successfully taken the first steps at decluttering and simplifying my whole house and I will never look back."

Wendi O.

"If it weren’t for Minimal-ish Starts Here I wouldn’t be as far in my decluttering journey as I currently am. The program has given me the drive and accountability I’ve needed to really push to the next level and truly clear my house of the clutter that’s taking up too much space in our home and lives. I love the flexibility of the course - I’m able to work on it at my own pace and at times that work for me and my family. I view purchasing the course as making an investment in my family. It’s helped me achieve goals that I’ve been setting for several months and has already decreased my mental workload and anxiety when I’m home!"

Alyssa D.

A peek into the Exclusive Members-Only FB Community:

How much does "Minimal-ish Starts Here" cost?

The mistake most women make is thinking the "do it yourself" decluttering route is cheaper.
"This can't be that difficult to figure out, I can totally do this on my own".
Sound familiar?
You may get started on your own and get on a roll, piecing together all of the advice you can find on the internet, Pinterest and Youtube. You may get through several rooms, or even the whole house - and then wonder why it seems to all be piling up almost as quickly as you got rid of it. 
I know, because I tried doing it this way...and you know what happened?
It took me a FULL YEAR with SO MUCH time wasted. 
Time that I could have been spending with my kids. Time that I could have been reading. Time that I could have been investing way more wisely. 
Instead I went through a rollercoaster of emotions. I didn't have a support group to fall back on and bounce ideas off of. 
I finally made it to the other side, but i'm not sure I could have done another year like that...
...and I want to save you the headaches, tears, fights with your spouse and yelling fits at your kids. 
I want you to take my step-by-step roadmap to take your home back from the clutter, without all of the distractions with "doing it yourself". I'll be your biggest cheerleader (of course, next to the exclusive members-only FB group). I will show you where to begin and exactly how to declutter each space efficiently and thoroughly, and then I'll show you how to keep it that way!
I want you to have a calm, peaceful, clean & organized home that carries less stress & anxiety with it - and a whole heck of a lot less cleaning, too. And I want you to have that WAY sooner than you could do on your own.
And you can master this whole Minimal-ish Living thing in little time for just one payment of $97, or 12 monthly payments of $10 ($120 total). 
Plus, I have a 30 day money-back guarantee!

Pay In Full - One Time Discount


ONE Payment


  • Instant & 12 month Access to "Minimal-ish Starts Here"
  • Full Access to the "Habits, Systems, Routines & Maintenance Mode" Video Workshop - $150.00 Value
  • Monthly Group Video Calls for Q&A's - $100.00 Value
  • 12 month Membership Access to Exclusive Members-Only FB Group - $100.00 Value
  • "Bite-Size Roadmap" Access - $50.00 Value

Your investment is fully backed with my 30-day 100% money back GUARANTEE!

I don't want unhappy customers. I passionately believe in my program and what it can do for you and your home when you are open and willing to try, but if you are unhappy for any reason - simply e-mail [email protected] within 30 days and provide evidence of the work done - and you will receive a full refund. 

Full Access to the "Habits, Systems, Routines & Maintenance Mode" Video Workshop! ($150.00 Value)

  • Learn how to implement habits, systems & routine in your home to keep it running smoother with less effort and LESS CLEANING!
  • Learn my system for "maintenance mode". Once you fully declutter your home using my program, this workshop will teach you how to maintain it in a very simple system - so that you never have to deal with the clutter again!

12 Monthly Group Video Calls for Q&A's! ($100.00 Value)

  • Have direct access to me to ask any and all decluttering questions you may have as you work through the program!
  • Hot seat's will go into one member's specific situation in detail one at a time and work through obstacles together!
  • These calls will help to keep you accountable AND motivated!

12 month Membership Access to Exclusive Members-Only FB Group ($100.00 Value)

  • Full Access to the exclusive "Members Only - Minimal-ish Starts Here" FB community for 12 full months, where you can continue the accountability and motivation from during the challenge!
  • Post anytime day or night when you are struggling with a specific item or space in your home - and celebrate your wins (big OR small) with other women who are going through the program at the same time!
  • Get daily, weekly & monthly reminders as needed to really keep yourself motivated as you move through your entire home.

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