Declutter your entire home in just 20 minutes/day.

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How much will your life change when your home is completely clutter-free? When you have space to do what you love, instead of pick up all the time? Reclaim your peace with my proven step-by-step guide and transform your home & motherhood.

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Are you a busy mom with more things on your schedule than time to do them?

I see you: running kids to and from school, keeping up with meal prep and cooking, all while watching piles of laundry grow to mountains. Face it, if not for those Instagram memes you’d likely forget to move the clothes to the dryer!

Don’t even get me started on the “LEGO minefield” of toys to avoid on each trip up and down the stairs (yet, somehow the kids STILL claim boredom). Whaaaaat?!

You feel:

  • overwhelmed and stressed out; 
  • irritated with so many things everywhere, and the constant visual reminder that you can't keep up.

You envisioned creating a nurturing home in a peaceful environment to build memories with your kids. Now it feels like Toys-R-Us exploded in the living room and you're lucky if you don't lose it by 9 a.m. every day.

It's time you take action to get your life back, get your time back and create the space for your family to relax and thrive. It's time you reclaim your home from clutter!

Your investment is backed with a 30-day 100% money back GUARANTEE!

I don't want unhappy mamas. I passionately believe in my program and what it can do for you and your home when you are open and willing to try. If you are unhappy for any reason - simply e-mail [email protected] within 30 days with evidence of the work you’ve completed for a full refund.






What is Minimal-ish Starts Here?









What other Minimal-ish Mama's are saying:

Katie B.

I’ve gotten really into minimalism and decluttering, like, really into it – and Diana is why. I was more than a little skeptical when I heard what she was doing in her home, but I finally decided to give her ideas a try and it CHANGED MY LIFE. Minimalism has freed my home, lightened my load and given me back precious time with my kids.

If you feel like you are being swallowed up by clutter, or constantly picking up only to have messes instantly pile up again, this is a REAL solution.

Courtney B.

I'm a mom of four kids under four - life is busy to say the least. When I actually took the time to look at how our days were, I realized I spent so much of my time just keeping up. After implementing Diana's techniques, not only has my house never been more efficient and clean, I feel as though my mind is cleared of the clutter as well. 

Ashley L.

I kid you not - becoming part of this program has literally lessened stress, reduced anxiousness, increased the quality of my home environment, and I would go so far as to say improved the quality of my marriage and parenting. 

Lavon K.

You will wish you would have joined long ago. I can't tell you how much better I feel about my home!

Meghan D.

Diana Rene and this program have truly changed my life. I am happy in my home, and that is priceless to me! I have even met women in the members-only community that have become life-long friends!

Rachell B.

Diana is encouraging and non-judgemental in a way that allows for success. She isn't an "instagram mom", she's a real mom. This is relatable and super valuable for me. 

As a mom, my time is precious & decluttering has significantly improved quality of life for my entire family. Basically...she's magic & I wanted some of that magic, too!

If you are serious about decluttering, this program is a must! You won't find this kind of guidance, attention, accountability, and encouragement anywhere else. Imagine how you want your home and family life to feel... Diana can help you achieve that goal! And to me, that is worth the financial investment!

Alyssa D.

If it weren’t for Minimal-ish Starts Here I wouldn’t be as far in my decluttering journey as I currently am.
The program has given me the drive and accountability I’ve needed to really push to the next level and truly clear my house of the clutter that’s taking up too much space in our home and lives. I love the flexibility of the course - I’m able to work on it at my own pace and at times that work for me and my family. I view purchasing the course as making an investment in my family. It’s helped me achieve goals that I’ve been setting for several months and has already decreased my mental workload and anxiety when I’m home!



So who is Diana Rene?

My name is Diana Rene, and I’ve spent the last 3 years mastering the practice of “minimal-ish living” in my home. I have figured out how to purge ruthlessly and efficiently as a busy mom, and then organize systems and routines so the newfound freedom and joy lasts.

When I walk into my home, I feel comfortable and at peace. I know what needs to be done, and if I need something? I know right where to find it. I have much more time to spend with my two girls and husband, since it only takes a few minutes to pick up the house throughout the day.

Girl, I desperately want these things for you, too!

I want to give you a calm mind in your home, instead of thoughts endlessly racing to decide which task to tackle next. I want you to welcome visitors into your home without scrambling and shoving everything into that closet (please, please, please don’t open that!). I want you to spend more time with your kids, or watch a movie with your partner – without thinking about the messes you should be cleaning up instead.

Join me in Minimal-ish Starts Here so I can show you exactly how to transform your home and your life. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Minimal-ish Starts Here is completely self-paced. You get instant access to the entire program when you sign up - and you'll forever be part of our community. 

Our members-only FB community has a monthly decluttering focus & a monthly home-management focus, so if you want the added accountability (like the kitchen challenge) you are welcome to join in those, but they are completely optional!

I get it. I'm a crazy busy mom, too. That's why i've designed my system specifically for busy moms who need to fit this into the nooks and crannies of their busy schedule.

So yes, you can do this - and I will show you how. 

I get it. I'm a frugal person to begin with, and then when you add in taking care of expenses for everyone in your family - it feels weird to spend money on something YOU want to do for yourself. 

That is exactly why i've made this program affordable with no hidden costs. In fact, I've had members tell me they would have paid 10x for it because of how much it changed their life.

What if you invested in yourself for once? You will benefit, but so will your family when your home is finally calm, peaceful and clean - allowing your family to spend more time together. 

Plus, if you don't find value in the program, I offer the full money-back guarantee in 30 days. That's how confident I am that you'll love it. 

100% YES. 

Accountability is important! That's why we have the members-only FB group where members encourage each other - and also help each other troubleshoot.

Plus, you have direct access to Diana Rene and her coaches in the FB group, and Diana also hosts monthly Q&A sessions!

Our goal is to keep you motivated until you no longer need the motivation!

This is the last opportunity to join in 2019!

Remember, you get lifetime access - so even if you can't jump right in due to extenuating circumstances, you can still get in now while the doors are open - and dive in when ready!

Yes! A good portion of the program is all about how to overcome the emotional obstacles that WILL show up in the decluttering process. The mental aspect is the most important part, so we don't skip over that!

We will go through each and every space in the home, and cover what types of things to get rid of - and what types of things to keep!


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