Join host Diana Rene as she teaches busy moms how to declutter their homes, simplify their lives, and gain more time to do what they truly love!

This podcast is designed for listening to in 20-minutes or less while you’re decluttering, organizing a space, or doing P.M. pickup. If you’re not sure what that is, then you’ll want to keep listening! Of course, you can listen while going for a walk or lying on the couch. Either way, you’ll hear tips, strategies, and real-life advice to help reduce the overwhelm and make everyday life easier.


Episode 095:

How a "High Energy List" Can Help You

In this episode, discover how you can conquer your to-do list and make the most of every day, no matter your energy levels.

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Episode 094:

Chat with Dr. Mona

In this episode, Dr. Mona shares practical advice, personal stories, and post-pandemic health insights to inspire parents on their journey.

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Episode 093:

Why We Had to Move Out for Month - Part 2

In this episode, I expose the dangers of mold and how to fight back. Get the resources you need to protect your home.

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Episode 092: 

Why We Had to Move Out for Months - Part 1

In this episode you'll hear about everything - how to detect mold, the health risks, all those myths floating around.

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Episode 091:

Is This Product For My Baby Safe?

In this episode, Diana and Marta Tellado, CEO of Consumer Reports, dive into the essentials of baby product safety.

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Episode 090:

What is Decanting and Why Would You Do That?

In this episode, Diana shares her reasons for decanting, which go beyond aesthetics.

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Episode 089:

Healthy Mindset Shifts

In this episode, Diana shares a mindset shift she applies to motherhood to slow down, appreciate, and be present.

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Episode 088:

Realistic Reading Goals

In this episode, Diana explains how she created small reading goals to get out of her reading rut and back into finishing books.

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Episode 087:

Do You DIY? with DeLancey Carson

In this episode, Diana chats with DIY sensation DeLancey. Her story from a regular mom to an Instagram DIY star will leave you both inspired and ready to tackle your own home projects.

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Episode 086:

Home and Chaos - Alissa Schow

In this episode, Diana and Alissa share stories and provide tips to make cleaning your home a little easier.

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Episode 085:

Make Errands Easier

In this episode, Diana explains her specific time block for errands and how she uses it to complete tasks.

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Episode 084:

"Mandatory" Clutter

In this episode, Diana talks about what to do with items you need to keep but might feel like clutter.

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Episode 083:

The Burden of Clutter

In this episode, Diana shares a recent life update that was significantly less stressful because of her clutter-free lifestyle.

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Episode 082:

Game Organization

In this episode, Diana shares the simple way she organizes their family board games.

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Episode 081:

Spotting Self-Sabotage with Amber Brueseke

In this episode, Diana and Amber chat about motherhood, fitness, and overcoming self-sabotage.

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Episode 007:

Visual Clutter

In this episode, Diana shares what she learned about visual clutter and how it affects our overall mood. And a small change you can make today.

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Episode 002:

Let's Talk About Toys

In this episode, Diana shares how her children’s number of toys has changed over the years and what she noticed in their quality of play.

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Episode 003:

Tips for Busy Mornings

In this episode, Diana shares three things you can do in your home to make your busy mornings run smoother.

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Episode 006:

Concepts that Help Daily Tasks

In this episode, Diana discusses some business concepts that she’s applied to her home and personal life that helped make her daily tasks feel a little easier.

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Episode 001:

Meet Diana Rene

In this first episode, you’ll meet me, Diana Rene, and learn about my journey to living a minimal lifestyle.q

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Episode 008:


In this episode, Diana shares where and how she uses baskets in her home that make everyday life a little easier. And also how to introduce specific baskets into your home.

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