Join host Diana Rene as she teaches busy moms how to declutter their homes, simplify their lives, and gain more time to do what they truly love!

This podcast is designed for listening to in 20-minutes or less while you’re decluttering, organizing a space, or doing P.M. pickup. If you’re not sure what that is, then you’ll want to keep listening! Of course, you can listen while going for a walk or lying on the couch. Either way, you’ll hear tips, strategies, and real-life advice to help reduce the overwhelm and make everyday life easier.


Episode 014:

Back to School Tips - Part 3


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Episode 013:

Back to School Tips - Part 2

 In this second part of a special three-part series, Diana shares more tips that you can implement before school starts or anytime throughout the school year.

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Episode 012:

Back to School Tips - Part 1

In this special three-part series, Diana shares actionable tips that you can implement before school starts or anytime throughout the school year. From how to make mornings easier to ways to support your children’s teachers.

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Episode 011:

Guest Interview - Julia

In this episode, Diana talks with Julia, a mom, and wife who recently went through the Minimal-ish Starts Here program. She shares her journey with decluttering, and the ah-ha moments she had during the process.

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Episode 010:

Tech Boundaries

In this episode, Diana shares how she’s placed boundaries around social media and overall phone usage while still recognizing that it’s a useful tool in her life.

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Episode 009:

Power of a Brain Release

In this episode, Diana walks through all the steps of how she completes a brain release and why it’s so helpful in her everyday life.

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Episode 008:


In this episode, Diana shares where and how she uses baskets in her home that make everyday life a little easier. And also how to introduce specific baskets into your home.

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Episode 007:

Visual Clutter

In this episode, Diana shares what she learned about visual clutter and how it affects our overall mood. And a small change you can make today.

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Episode 006:

Concepts that Help Daily Tasks

In this episode, Diana discusses some business concepts that she’s applied to her home and personal life that helped make her daily tasks feel a little easier.

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Episode 005:

Guest Interview - Sabra

In this episode, Diana and Sabra discuss living Minimial-ish and how much it has helped her home and life.

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Episode 004:

Summer Schedules

In this episode, Diana shares how she adjusted her schedule for summer break and provides tips to help with your summer schedule.

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Episode 003:

Tips for Busy Mornings

In this episode, Diana shares three things you can do in your home to make your busy mornings run smoother.

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Episode 002:

Let's Talk About Toys

In this episode, Diana shares how her children’s number of toys has changed over the years and what she noticed in their quality of play.

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Episode 001:

Meet Diana Rene

In this first episode, you’ll meet me, Diana Rene, and learn about my journey to living a minimal lifestyle.q

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