Episode 022: The One Resolution You Need

Episode Transcription

If you celebrate Christmas or any holiday in December, towards the end of the year, moms can be in full exhaustion mode. You’ve likely been in go, go, go mode since Halloween, and now the new year is right around the corner. There’s hope for a new beginning—a fresh start. When you decide what your resolution, or goal, will be for the new year, decluttering is the one resolution you need.

When you think of anything that you want to achieve, whether it be improving your health, relationships, education, or any aspect of your life… it’s all going to be influenced by decluttering.

In this episode, Diana discusses why ruthlessly decluttering your home should be your 2023 New Year Resolution.

We’ll also discuss:

  • What this Christmas season has been like for Diana and her family
  • Resolutions can be hard to stick to, but the feeling that you can do anything you want to do, or be anything you want to be, keep us trying resolutions year after year.
  • How ruthlessly decluttering doesn’t make your life perfect, but it lowers the baseline stress level and becomes a game-changer for your home and you!

We have the biggest decluttering challenge starting January 1st! It only happens twice a year, and the January challenge always has the most progress. 

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What can you expect from this podcast and future episodes?

  • 15-20 minute episodes to help you tackle your to-do list
  • How to declutter in an effective and efficient way
  • Guest interviews
  • Deep dives on specific topics 

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