Clutter literally stresses us out...

decluttering Jul 06, 2020

I don’t need to tell you that clutter adds stress into our lives.⁣

⁣…that it builds up slowly, and before we know it - has taken over our homes. ⁣

⁣But did you know that clutter literally stresses you out? Like physiologically stresses you out?⁣

⁣According to a 2009 UCLA study, women who perceive clutter in their home have raised levels of cortisol (stress)!⁣

⁣But not only that…⁣

⁣According to a 2016 Cornell study, stressed caused from clutter was found to have triggered avoidance techniques like eating junk food and binge watching tv!⁣

⁣All because we have extra stuff in our house, that we don’t need, want, or use.⁣

⁣But if it was EASY to get rid of it all, then we wouldn’t be in this literal mess, would we? ⁣

⁣Clutter holds emotions.⁣

⁣It holds attachments.⁣


⁣Happy times and sad times.⁣

⁣It can hold guilt.⁣

⁣And what-if’s.⁣

⁣So no wonder we get so caught up in holding onto things!⁣

⁣What do you think? Do you find clutter increases your stress levels?⁣

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