You can’t outclean clutter.

cleaning decluttering Jul 07, 2020

I used to think I could out-clean clutter.

I tried everything.

Downloaded all the pretty printable cleaning schedules from pinterest…

Tried zone cleaning…

Heck, I even hired a cleaning service to come every other week…

But my house was still a hot mess, 90% of the time.

The mountain of laundry still dominated the hallway.

The paperwork piles still took over the countertop and kitchen table.

We could barely walk through the family room without tripping over a toy…

It wasn’t until I ruthlessly decluttered that I realized I had it totally backwards.

Getting rid of all the excess is what changed everything.

The piles went away, the toys got picked up…

I felt like I could BREATHE again in my own home...

And bonus? I actually spent way LESS time cleaning - i’m talking 50-70% less, because I wasn’t spending so much time picking the whole house up before I got to the ACTUAL cleaning.

What about you? Do you think you can out-clean...

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“I can’t wait for the weekend so I can spend it picking up after everyone” - no mom ever

cleaning decluttering Jul 07, 2020


I mean...right?

Prior to ruthlessly decluttering, I remember marathon cleaning sessions on the weekend. I'm talking HOURS.

I would scrub away while I fumed inside about how our house was in terrible shape.

I would rage vacuum while I thought about all of the other things I WISHED I was doing.

+taking a nap

+hiking with my kids

+day date with my husband

+read a book

....but instead, I would clean. And get the house nice. Then pick up after someone. Then pick up after someone else. Then get frustrated at someone for not picking up after themselves. Then WHY DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF IN THIS HOUSE?!?

Some weekends, I would just skip the cleaning. Because I was too tired. And what was it all for, anyway? It would just be a hot mess by Sunday night again.

....but then I went a little crazy and got rid of 70% of our household belongings.

And a secret side effect that no one told me about?

There was a DRASTIC reduction in cleaning.

I'm talking, 50% less cleaning.


Because I...

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