Overbooking our kids childhood?

Uncategorized May 21, 2019


"Diana, we have this opportunity for you..."

"We could really use some help with this..."

"We will meet weekly and I think you'll really grow from it..."

"Your kids should really be in swimming, but also a sport, and probably a music or art class too..."

How many times a week are you presented with something else to fill your time?

Over this journey of simplifying -- I realized that decluttering my physical space is super important, of course.

But you know what else has been life-changing?

Decluttering my calendar and simplifying my commitments.

This is a super unpopular opinion in our culture. Why? Because we are taught to do more, to contribute at all times, and that if you aren't so insanely busy -- are you even doing it right??

So what if I told you that it's ok to say no?

That it's ok to turn down an opportunity, another weekly or monthly obligation, EVEN if it's for a good cause?

I'll go one step further, and say what if I told you that it's actually GOOD for you, your family, and your community - to DO less?


No, seriously. Decluttering our calendar and simplifying our time commitments outside of our home has made a drastic difference.

There is less stress. Less hurry. Less burn-out. Less exhaustion.

So how can you do this in a tangible way?

One way to make this super simple is to limit kids' organized activities to only one thing at a time.

You want to take swim? Sure! But that's it.

Ballet? You got it, but that's it.

We think we are doing our kids a favor by cramming as many activities as we possibly can into their days, so they can have more experience and let's be honest - we get a little bit of a break from momming during that 50 minute class...am I right? 

But what if they had more time to just....be?

To dawdle around the yard.

To explore a path on a hike.

To create an entire broadway performance start to finish for you.

To read.

What if we didn't have to say "hurry up" 18000 times  a day?

How do you think your kids' atittude would change if that was the case?

Again, I realize this isn't a popular opinion. I know many kids that are my oldest's age (5) and are in 4-5 organized activities every week, not including school. It's how we have been programmed as Mom's in our time - and it's how our kids will continue to do it unless we change that for them, and simplify their schedule now...

Of course, this isn't the only way I simplify our calendars - but it's one that can show immediate change. Stay tuned for more idea's to simplify your time and create more SPACE to enjoy your family...

How do you feel about limiting your kids' organized activities? Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected] or DM me on IG - @hellodianarene   --- i'd love to hear your thoughts!


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