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decluttering Jul 05, 2020

I saw a meme the other day that said something along the lines of “I have a messy house because I’m busy enjoying my kids”….⁣



⁣My first thought was…”so with that line of thinking…if I have a tidy and uncluttered home, I must not have time to enjoy my kids?”⁣

⁣When that is the complete OPPOSITE of reality.⁣

⁣That meme has it backwards. ⁣

⁣Because here’s the thing….⁣

⁣When you fully declutter your home, and implement systems and routines - you spend a DRASTICALLY less amount of time on cleaning.⁣

⁣Like, 50-75% less time on picking up and cleaning!⁣

⁣Think about it…⁣

⁣When you have way less stuff - you don’t have as many things to put back in their home at the end of the day…⁣

⁣You don’t need to spend HOURS picking up before you can even get to the actual cleaning…⁣

⁣And when you have cleared countertops and horizontal surfaces - it takes .2 seconds to wipe things down before you leave the room….⁣

⁣That’s not even getting into the mindset shifts and the ability to REALLY enjoy the time you have with your kids when you aren’t constantly needing to worry about picking up or cleaning….because spoiler alert….your things are giving you anxiety.⁣

⁣They are stressing you out.⁣

⁣They are giving you feelings of overwhelm.⁣

⁣They are making you impatient.⁣

⁣They are making you less focused.⁣

⁣……does that sound like the frame of mind you want to be in while spending time with your kids?⁣

⁣There is FREEDOM in a tidy, fully decluttered home. ⁣

⁣Let’s get rid of all of the excess - so you can REALLY enjoy all of the extra free time you have with your kids! ⁣

⁣(And let’s be honest, also lot’s of extra free time to do something just for yourself, too, Mama).

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