Where do I donate?

decluttering donate Jun 30, 2018

I get asked this question a lot – so I wanted to compile some resources for you as you begin decluttering, as you'll need a good option for that donation pile!

I (usually) prefer scheduling a donation pick-up. That way I can just get everything on my porch before the designated time, and I’m done! They do all the hard work. This can also serve as a motivator to get things done. If you know you have a pick-up scheduled in a week – you are more likely to get going. I am sure many charities offer a pick-up service, but here are three of my favorite national ones:

Click on any of the links below to schedule your donation pick-up:

Another option is to drop-off your donations. I like to do this every now and then, usually when my 4 year old has decided to give a toy or clothing item away. It helps her to see the whole process and to be able to walk into a drop-off center and hand over her items. It makes her feel good, and helps to instill in her the spirit of giving. There are SO MANY local and national charities that accept drop-off’s, so my suggestion would be to just google “donation center, (your city)” or “toy donation/clothing donation, (your city)”. If you happen to be in the Denver Metro area, one of my favorite places to donate is A Precious Child.

Another option is to donate good condition toys to church nurseries or daycares! Just call around and I am sure you will find someone happy to take them off of your hands.

Do you have any specific charities you would like to see featured here? Shoot me an email at [email protected] and we can chat!

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