You can’t outclean clutter.

cleaning decluttering Jul 06, 2020

I used to think I could out-clean clutter.⁣

⁣I tried everything.⁣

⁣Downloaded all the pretty printable cleaning schedules from pinterest…⁣

⁣Tried zone cleaning…⁣

⁣Heck, I even hired a cleaning service to come every other week…⁣

⁣But my house was still a hot mess, 90% of the time. ⁣

⁣The mountain of laundry still dominated the hallway.⁣

⁣The paperwork piles still took over the countertop and kitchen table.⁣

⁣We could barely walk through the family room without tripping over a toy…⁣

⁣It wasn’t until I ruthlessly decluttered that I realized I had it totally backwards.⁣

⁣Getting rid of all the excess is what changed everything.⁣

⁣The piles went away, the toys got picked up…⁣

⁣I felt like I could BREATHE again in my own home...⁣

⁣And bonus? I actually spent way LESS time cleaning - i’m talking 50-70% less, because I wasn’t spending so much time picking the whole house up before I got to the ACTUAL cleaning. ⁣

⁣What about you? Do you think you can out-clean clutter?

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