Episode 041: My ADHD Journey - Part 3

Episode Transcription

If you missed the first two parts of this three-part series, be sure to listen to Ep039: Part 1 and Ep040: Part 2 of Diana’s ADHD Journey. Diana recorded the audio for this series during an Instagram Live in the summer of 2022.

This week we wrap up the series with the final installment of a three-part series about Diana’s late diagnosis of ADHD.

The information conveyed is not intended to diagnose or replace medical advice but reflects Diana’s lived experiences.

We’ll also discuss:

  • Diana’s initial reaction to her finding out she has ADHD
  • What was the advice that Diana’s doctor gave her once she was diagnosed
  • Responds to live comments about medication, menopause, perfectionism, and decluttering

What can you expect from this podcast and future episodes?

  • 15-20 minute episodes to help you tackle your to-do list
  • How to declutter in an effective and efficient way
  • Guest interviews
  • Deep dives on specific topics 

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