You can't organize clutter

organization Jul 06, 2020

The idea of organizing has always appealed to me.

I would scour Pinterest for “how to organize a playroom” or “mud room organization” or “cute organized kids closet”...

I would buy all the supplies, and I’d assume within hours that the organizers “didn’t work” because I’d get it all set up - but I def. did not feel organized.

Little did I know that I was making one crucial mistake....

𝐈 𝐰𝐚𝐬 𝐭𝐫𝐲𝐢𝐧𝐠 𝐭𝐨 𝐨𝐫𝐠𝐚𝐧𝐢𝐳𝐞 𝐜𝐥𝐮𝐭𝐭𝐞𝐫.

And now I know, you can’t organize clutter.

You just can’t.

It wasn’t until I figured out a system for letting go of the majority of things in our home that were taking up all of my time that I realized THEN, I could organize.

THEN, I could give everything a designated home.

THEN, I could implement organizational systems that made our lives EASIER and took up LESS of our busy days.

One of the most common things I hear is “I just need help getting organized”, and girl - I GET...

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What kids really crave...

simple peaceful living Jul 06, 2020

Earlier this morning, Lila tapped me on my leg and said “Mama? This is a goooooooood day! I Lub you very much!” And ran back to her magnatiles.

…..but here’s the thing.

Today has been nothing special.

We didn’t go to the zoo and get ice cream.

I didn’t fight Denver traffic to get to Children’s museum before the parking lot filled up, and let her play in the bubble room all morning.

We didn’t go to Disney on ice.

We simply spent time together.

At home.

Just the two of us.

It’s been a simple morning. I unloaded the dishwasher while my coffee brewed and she ate pancakes.

She helped me wash the strawberries, one by one.

I folded laundry while she played babies.

We read 2 books together in the rocking chair and then cuddled while listening to a few songs on my phone.

She took a bath while I checked my email and paid a bill.

And it was such a good reminder that kids love and crave simplicity.

Sure, playdates and outings are fun and...

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It isn't REALLY about the systems and routines.....

systems & routines Jul 06, 2020

It’s not really about the dishes routine.

Or the laundry system.

Or the PM pickups or maintenance declutters.

It’s about knowing you have to manage your home either way.

You can do it the hard way, on the fly and always in a rush - stressed out.

Or you can have a plan. A plan that makes your home work FOR you, not the other way around.

It’s about stepping up and making some changes in our home to make our days EASIER. Less stressed. Less consumed by the mundane responsibilities our homes can hold over our head on the daily.

It’s about home management stealing LESS time away from our days so we can focus on the things we want, instead.

It’s about going for a hike with the kids without the messy kitchen waiting for you back home in the back of your mind.

It’s about reading a book and taking a nap on a rainy Sunday afternoon with no guilt over the things you should be doing instead with the paperwork piles.

It’s about going on a date night...

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Overbooking our kids childhood?

Uncategorized May 21, 2019


"Diana, we have this opportunity for you..."

"We could really use some help with this..."

"We will meet weekly and I think you'll really grow from it..."

"Your kids should really be in swimming, but also a sport, and probably a music or art class too..."

How many times a week are you presented with something else to fill your time?

Over this journey of simplifying -- I realized that decluttering my physical space is super important, of course.

But you know what else has been life-changing?

Decluttering my calendar and simplifying my commitments.

This is a super unpopular opinion in our culture. Why? Because we are taught to do more, to contribute at all times, and that if you aren't so insanely busy -- are you even doing it right??

So what if I told you that it's ok to say no?

That it's ok to turn down an opportunity, another weekly or monthly obligation, EVEN if it's for a good cause?

I'll go one step further, and say what if I told you that it's actually GOOD for you, your...

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If you've been looking for permission to simplify your kids Easter baskets.... Read this.

Uncategorized Apr 14, 2019

If you don’t know who I am, my name is Diana Rene and it is my purpose and mission to help overwhelmed mom’s take their home back from the clutter, and simplify their life and calendar so they can not only breathe again - but can spend their time doing what they want instead of picking up after everyone all the time.

If you’ve been following me for ANY amount of time, you know i’m passionate about helping moms simplify their lives, declutter their homes and create more time to spend with their families.

Today, I want to talk about Easter baskets.

I KNOW this may ruffle some feathers, because being a mom in this generation and in this time of social media, keeping up with the Jones's feels like its of the utmost importance, right?

If we aren’t doing the same (or more) as all the other moms in our feed - then we must not really love our kids THAT much, or want the best for them.

We must not be the cool mom.

I *totally* fall into that trap at times,...

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Why you are failing at no-spend months

Uncategorized Sep 01, 2018

No-spend months seem to be all the rage lately. What is a no-spend month? It’s where you don’t spend money. At all. For a whole month.


A few reasons:

  • You can save money.
  • You can learn to be more intentional with your personal finances and what you are bringing into your home.
  • You can kind of “re-set” your purchasing habits.

But let’s be honest. No-spend months? I hate ‘em. And I honestly think they are basically setting people up to fail.

Let's look at this another way...

Diets. I think it's safe to say the majority of women have gone on a diet at SOME point in their life, am I right? There are so many different ways to diet, but so many of the programs are suuuper strict, limiting calories big time along with the types of food. 

You may start a diet and feel on top of the world for the first day or two. Your water intake is off the charts, you counted calories perfectly and you swear your pants feel a little looser...

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The Game Changer of Ruthlessly Decluttering

I see you, Mama. 

I see you tirelessly (and thanklessly) working from sun-up to waaay past sun-down. I see you wiping butts, kissing owie's, cutting grapes, and trying to go to the bathroom (unsuccessfully) alone. I see you trying to manage your household all while meeting the hundreds (or thousands?) demands of your daily life. I see you trying to hold it all together while you feel like you are falling apart. 

I see you and I know you, because I was in your shoes.

When I began my journey with decluttering and “Minimal-ish” living, I truly had no idea how many aspects of my life would change for the better. I figured my house would be less messy, which honestly? Is the only reason I needed. (Raise your hand if you despise cleaning like me!)

But the other benefits that surprised me?

Talk about a GAME. CHANGER.


More patience with my kids? Check.

More patience with my husband? Check.

Less anxiety? HUGE check.

More time to read? Or watch a...

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So how many clothing items should my kids have?

Uncategorized Jul 19, 2018

It was late spring 2013, and I had just found out I was pregnant with my first child. I was beyond excited (and nervous), and I vividly remember the day after I got that plus sign on the test going to Target on my lunch break to look at baby clothes. I mean, this baby girl had just barely been conceived and I was ready to fill a closet with a brand new wardrobe.

What is it with baby clothes? You can take a plain white tee and shrink it down to baby size and it’s instantly adorable.

It is SO easy to go overboard, SO fast.

Fast forward to the baby showers and I was overwhelmed with gifts, with at least half of them being, you guessed it, CLOTHES!

She was one well-dressed baby. I remember packing away clothes when she grew out of a size, and putting clothes in the bins that she never even wore before. That’s how much she had.

The buying clothes never stopped and the gifts never stopped, until I decided to declutter and purge 70% of our household items early 2017. I had...

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Resisting the consumer culture

consumerism decluttering Jul 10, 2018

As I sat on the ground last week waiting for the fireworks to begin, I told my 4 year old how July 3rd is a special day to me because it’s the day I arrived to Colorado after my cross county road trip from Michigan. I had been dating my now husband long distance for a year and a half, and we decided one of us was gonna have to move to see if this thing was really going to work or not. (Thankfully, it did)

When the fireworks began, I started thinking about how much my life has changed in these 9 years since I moved here...but I was also thinking about how I moved here with only the personal belongings I could fit into my little Saturn Ion. I didn’t rent a truck or movers, I decided what was important enough to me to fit in the trunk and back seat of that tiny car.

And you know what? I was happy.

I was content.

I was fulfilled.

So then, why did I start buying so much STUFF as soon as I arrived? My mom and I took countless trips to Bed Bath and Beyond and Target....

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Where do I donate?

decluttering donate Jul 01, 2018

I get asked this question a lot – so I wanted to compile some resources for you as you begin decluttering, as you'll need a good option for that donation pile!

I (usually) prefer scheduling a donation pick-up. That way I can just get everything on my porch before the designated time, and I’m done! They do all the hard work. This can also serve as a motivator to get things done. If you know you have a pick-up scheduled in a week – you are more likely to get going. I am sure many charities offer a pick-up service, but here are three of my favorite national ones:

Click on any of the links below to schedule your donation pick-up:

Another option is to drop-off your donations. I like to do this every now and then, usually when my 4 year old has decided to give a toy or clothing item away. It helps her to see the whole process and to be able to walk into a drop-off center and hand over her...

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